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Internal Control System
  • System to ensure that the execution of duties by directors and employees conforms to laws, regulations, and the Articles of Incorporation

    As a guideline for observing laws and the Articles of Incorporation, the Company reviews basic rules, internal rules, and work rules as necessary to deal with actual conditions, and periodically reviews, revises, and deliberates rules for which a certain period of time has elapsed.

  • System to store and manage information related to the execution of duties by directors

    The General Affairs Department properly stores and manages information related to the execution of duties by Directors in accordance with the Rules Governing the Management of Confidential Information to prevent any leaks of confidential information.

  • Regulations and other systems for managing the risk of loss

    The Code of Conduct has been established in accordance with the Confidential Information Management Rules of the General Affairs Department, the Corrective Preventive Action Standards of the Quality Control Department, the Accounts Receivable Management Detailed Rules of the Sales Division, the Facility Management Standards of the Production Engineering Department, the Information Processing Operations Rules of the Management Department, and the Emergency Response Management Detailed Rules of Overseas Subsidiaries. For the event of a risk of loss, the Company has established a committee to deal with the situation, including related departments.

  • System to ensure that directors perform their duties efficiently

    Periodic meetings of the Board of Directors are necessary for the efficient execution of duties by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors holds executive meetings as necessary to respond to changes in the business environment. Also, Corporate Auditors attend the project team meetings and other meetings to enhance the efficiency of the execution of their duties.

  • System to ensure the appropriateness of operations in the corporate group consisting of our parent company, subsidiaries, and us

    In order to ensure the appropriateness of business operations in the corporate group, a committee has been established at our parent company for the overseas subsidiaries to decide on measures to be taken in case of a problem. If any support is deemed necessary, we take measures, including overseas business trips, in a timely manner.

  • System concerning employees who assist the Corporate Auditors when required

    Depending on the contents of the audit, or as the auditor requires, the auditor shall appoint a staff member within the department concerned for assistance.

  • System for Directors and Employees to Report to Corporate Auditors and Other System for Reporting to Corporate Auditors

    Directors and employees promptly report any violations of laws and regulations or any matters that may significantly harm the Company to the Audit & Supervisory Board members and the Audit & Supervisory Board .

  • Other Systems for Ensuring Effective Auditing by Corporate Auditors

    Corporate Auditors attend meetings of the Board of Directors to fulfill their duties, and attend meetings of the System Design (SD) Committee, which are held as necessary. To ensure that audits are conducted effectively, close communication with accounting auditors is maintained. In addition, the audits require the inspection of necessary approval documents, submission of related documents, and interviewing the parties concerned as parts of the process.

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