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Information Security Policy
The information held by the company is one of the management resources, 

and it is the responsibility of each employee to (1) recognizes the importance of information
security, and (2) effectively protect and utilize it.

  • We will establish and comply with the rules to properly protect and manage customer information, our know-how and intellectual property, all confidential business information, and all personal and other information.
  • All employees who handle information will receive education and training about the importance of information security and specific codes of conduct via regulation and the "Information Security Handbook
  • The information infrastructure will be updated to maintain and improve confidentiality and safety. We will also cuntinue to properly learn and incorporate the latest security technologies for the advancement of information technology.
  • We will ensure the safety of information through an in-house audit system.
  • In the event of, or the possibility of, a information leak, we will take every necessary measure to minimize damage and prevent a recurrence.
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