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Variant form silicone heater


Fullchance Car Fuel Filter Silicone Heater Pad with the following specifications: 
Fuel Filter Silicone Heater Pad
Size: 100mm X 235mm
Power: 100W @ 12V
Built-in Thermostat of 65 Deg C for over heat protection.
Metal Grommets for easy mounting
1m power cable
Simply wrap and tie it around your filter housing and never worry about "thick" fuel or oil in cold Winter.
A must for vehicles run on WVO or SVO. 
Our nicely crafted metal grommets allow you to use it for a wide range of filters and make easy transfers from one filter to another. 
Last but not least, our built-in thermostat eliminates any possibility of over heating.
Important Notes: 
Please make sure of a tight wrap to ensure proper and smooth heat transfer to your filter element.You may include an on/off switch in the circuit and manage to put it aside your driver's seat and enjoy the convenience of control. It's recommended to monitor the time of heating it requires to bring your filter to a decent temperature during the first several heating circles. 
The thermostat,being mechanical (bi-metal and snap action), should not be considered as a precise temperature control device, but as an auto-regulating and over-heat protection device. Its action temperatures may be subjected to certain tolerances. 
Any questions, email us. Response within 24 hours guaranteed.
~ Welcome to Fullchance Custom Flexible Heater Store ~ 
Why Fullchance?
——Fullchance is where best raw materials meet with finest craftsmanship.
As one of the first manufacturers of flexible heaters( Silicone Heaters & Kapton Heaters) in China, we understand that the reliability of our heating elements for your devices,equipment or machines can NEVER be OVER-emphasized,thus we offer best quality at reasonable prices with the following promises:
Fullchance uses ONLY Arlon silicone rubber substrate made in the United States or authentic DuPont kapton film in heater manufacturing to ensure the best heating performance and the longest service life, especially in applications which require a long time heating process at extremely high temperatures.
Fullchance offers FREE assistance in heater design to achieve an ideal thermal heating solution for your application. A general idea of what you want is enough to turn our flexible heater design experts on working for you.
Each and every Fullchance heater is factory inspected before delivery to you.
It's electricity AND heat you are coping with.
Fullchance is absolutely your right choice with 100% guarantee of high quality.
Custom Design Welcome.  
Looking for a flexible heater for your unique application? 
Bingo! You just found the right people to do the right thing for you. Just tell us about your requirements/applications and leave the rest to Fullchance for an ideal specific heating solution.
Best Quality Guaranteed!
General Introduction of Silicone Heater
Durable and precise, silicone rubber heaters are the most widely used flexible heaters and available in a virtually unlimited range of configurations and geometry's. Silicone rubber heaters provide highly efficient heat transfer over a wide temperature range(-50 Deg C ~260 Deg C). 
Lightweight and flexible, they provide superior surface conformance that extends heater life by minimizing the gradient between heating element and heat sink. In addition, silicone rubber heaters are dimensionally stable and chemical resistant. They can be designed with multiple heating, shielding and power levels. 
Thermostats can be incorporated in a heater for optimum response time and gradient control. Sensors can be integrated inside a heater, adhered to the heater surface, or installed at specific locations within the system to prevent over temperature. 
Quick heat transfer
Moisture and chemical resistant
Solidly built
Adheres to all surfaces
Technical Data of Silicone Heaters 
Supply Voltage: 0~400 V, 1 or 3 phase 
Insulation Material: Fiberglass reinforced Silicone Rubber 
Max. Operating Temp.: 260 Deg C or 500 Deg F
Min. Element Temp.: -50 Deg C or -58 Deg F
Max.Power Density: 5 w/ depending on application
Resistance Tolerance: about +/- 5%
Standard Thickness: 1.5 mm
Flammability: Flame Retardant
Moisture Absorption: Moisture proof
Thermal Protection & Control: On board thermal fuse, thermostat, thermistor and PT100 are available as part of your thermal management solution.
Power Leads: 1 meter by default,other length available upon request

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