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Silicone Rubber Heater Temperature Controls
Fullchance silicone rubber heaters can be designed and manufactured with a variety of temperature controls. Contact Fullchance engineering to discuss the best method for your specific application.
Fullchance silicone rubber heaters can be designed and manufactured with a variety of thermostats. Generally, these thermostats provide over temperature (safety) control or temperature control in applications not requiring a tight, precise, temperature control. Fullchance engineers can achieve a variety of results depending on the thermostat placement. For over temperature protection the thermostat is generally placed over a heated section so that the heating element does not exceed a maximum temperature. By placing the thermostat over a non-heated section of the heating element, the thermostat will primarily monitor the customer part temperature. Fullchance engineers can increase or decrease the impact of the heating element on the thermostat by increasing or decreasing the size of the non-heated section. Fullchance engineers can also mount the thermostat so that the sensing side is exposed to open air. This is commonly used in situations where the heating element is located in an electronic enclosure that is exposed to the environment and the heating element is used for condensation prevention or freeze protection.
Temperature Sensors
Fullchance silicone rubber heaters can also be furnished with temperature sensors that provide an electronic temperature control with temperature readings. Most common types are RTDs, thermistors, and thermocouples. These sensors can be mounted over a non-heated section to sense the customer's part temperature or over a heated section to control the temperature of the heating element itself. Because Fullchance is a manufacturer of temperature sensors as well as a designer of temperature controls, the customer can rely on a greater level of expertise than most flexible heater companies when the complete thermal system is designed.
Thermal Fuses
Thermal fuses are single use devices that can also be incorporated into Fullchance silicone rubber heaters. These fuses are commonly used as a fail-safe device to assure the shutdown of the flexible heating element in the case where the primary or even secondary control has failed in critical applications. As with the other devices they can be designed and placed over a non-heated section or heated section depending on the desired result. Industry standards recommend an approximate temperature difference of 100°F between the primary temperature control setting and the thermal fuse setting to prevent nuisance tripping and premature aging of the thermal fuse.

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