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Printing circuit Polyester heater  Etched Foil Polyester Heaters

The flexible polyester heating foil is the result of printed circuit technology (etched foil) and was developed in order to 
solve specific
problems in advanced market sectors such as the space and aviation fields.
In a relatively short time, the heating foil has found applications in many other fields, allowing users to solve problems
of particular 
importance thanks to the following characteristics.
  • Can be set to vary heat concentrations to optimize distribution
  • Minimum heat dipersion in case of external application on the object to be heated
  • Can be molded
  • Easy to assemble
  • Overall economical in many applications
Minimum weight, thickness and flexible working temperature
  • Mica 0,9 mm/max working temp. 500° C
  • Polyimide 0,15 mm/max working temp. 260° C with adhesive 175° C
  • Silicone 0,8 mm/max working temp. 200° C with adhesive 175° C
  • Poliestere 0,15-0,25 mm/max working temp. 100° C with adhesive 100° C
  • Teflon 0,8 mm
Polyester Film Heating Element
The Polyester flexible heating pad is a transparent, ultra thin heating element with a flexible feature of Kapton heating
element, which is waterproof, moisture and high temperature (130℃) resistant. Often used in the livelihood appliances 
of medical health caring, face beautifying, maintaining warmth, hair-styling curling iron, defogging, drying, etc.  Being safe,
power-saving and durable, it is the most economical and cheap flexible heating element.
Common terms: Pet film heating pad, P film heating pad, flexible heating element, super-conductive flexible PET heating
pad,Polyester film heating pad and other such terms.

Features of heating pad
♦   Can be used continuously for 180,000 hours at 90℃
♦   Can be used continuously for 16,000 hours at 105℃
♦   Can be wound and curved.
♦   Can be customized into various shapes.
♦   Can be designed with even temperature.
♦  Can be equipped with various temperature controlling elements such as NTC, temperature switch                                       
temperature fuse and other such devices.

                     Specifications and features
♦   Voltage:AC/DC 1-1000V
♦   Wattage:available for more than 0.1w
♦   Highest temperature: 130℃
♦   Temperature range:-25~120℃(-13~248°F)
♦   Dielectric strength:1000 VEMS
♦   Maximum strength exceeding element:0.008" (0.2mm)
♦   Wattage in air (inch²) (25℃/77ºF):35w / inch²
♦   Softness:Good:0.039"(1mm)  minimum curve radius 
♦   nstallment method: insulation material: retractable belt, heat-resistant cement and #12 pressure-sensitive adhesive             
♦   Functions: heating, warming and dehumidifying.
♦   Uses: Electrical appliances and medical instruments


Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • Insulation materials: 0.005-inch polyester with 0.00-inch epoxy adhesive
  • Heater properties:
  • Color:
    • Insulation materials: transparent
  • Temperature range:
    • Insulation materials: -62 to 150oC (-85 to 302oF)
  • Dielectric strength:
    • Insulation materials: 1,000 VRMS
  • Heater flexibility:
    • Insulation materials: better - 0.039 inches (1mm) minimum bend radius
  • Maximum watts per square inch in still air at 25oC (77oF):
    • Insulation materials: 3.5
  • Maximum thickness over element:
    • Insulation materials: 0.008 inches (0.2mm)
  • Installation methods:
    • Insulation materials: shrink bands, #11 epoxy film, #10 PSA
  • Application description:
    • Insulation materials: polyester has many of the properties of kapton, with the least expensive price
  • Guarantee/warranty
  • VSPD: Lightweight Soft Polyester Film Heater


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