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Thick film on steel

In 2013, our customer came to us seeking help with uniquely shaped heating elements for a new generation industrial packaging machine.  Their previous supplier could no longer supply parts and there was a danger that the highly engineered and complicated machine would need an expensive redesign in order to accommodate “standard” heating elements.  This would affect not only future machine builds but also the entire stock of machines already in the field that required periodic replacement heaters.

Fullchance was able to offer them the option of thick film heaters either on laser cut 304 or 430 stainless steel, customer defined length wire leads and a silicone overmold of the solder joints. Fullchance worked closely with the customer to quickly engineer a solution that allowed them to keep production of the current machine without modification and allowed them the freedom to explore design changes for future improvements.  All done quickly and at a reasonable cost.



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