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Clear Heater (ITO Heater), Anti-fog Heater, ITO film Heater, Film Heater, Transparent Heater



Product Name:LCD heater,ITO heater,glass heater,clear heater,flexible heater,transparent heater, Film heater
Clear Heater(ITO Heater) is designed for increase temperature of object that needs add heat or rid of the fog. If LCD responds lately to lead to short-circuit that makes users' inconvenient or display mistake. The suitable heat could be the image display smoothly and experiment proved that read badly, respond lately, data false interference conditions at -30 degree. When LCD add the heater and raise the environment temperature, the temperature is raised to -5 to +10 degree, it could recover the LCD normal action. The outside devices are influenced the sense of sight by fog that from glass surface, it also recover the clear general appearance of a picture through the heater.

Heater basic material is PET, thickness is about 0.2mm and limpid, good heat conduction, uniform heat, and could sticked whole face on Touch Panel or LCD. Easy assembly and stable function, is the best material for raise the additional value of products.



Property of Heater:
◆ High Transmission 80%~90%
◆ Consumptive Power <1W/inch2
◆ Total Thickness<0.3mm
◆ Fast Heating 10~30 seconds (Keep Constant Temperature)
◆ DC Voltage (3V~36V)

Application of Heater:
◆ LCD Heater
◆ Helmet
◆ Outside Monitor
◆ Optical Scanner Lens Heater
◆ Touch Panel Heater
◆ Camera Lens Deicing
◆ Lens Deicing in snowy area
◆ Notebook

ITO Heater is designed to use DC through an impedance path to result heat energy. Ex: V=IR, P=V2/R (V: voltage, I: electric current, R= resistance, P= thermal power), according to the physics formula as below to prove the principle.

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