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Electric heating film application - medical diagnostic equipment

St. Berlin supports multiple segments of the medical diagnostics industry with flexible heaters, sensors and instruments, flexible circuits and integrated products. Contact us to find out why our over 20 years of experience designing in vivo and in vitro diagnostic applications will give you success in your application. St. Berlin offers commercial off-the-shelf standard products to meet your immediate needs. We also offer custom products to meet your unique application specifications and budget requirements.

Application example:

Medical laboratory
wirewound resistance thermometer accurately averages temperature across critical surfaces for precise control.

Combination heater/sensor/controller/flex circuit maintains accurate fluid temperature in floor-standing analyzers.

Thin, lightweight corroded foil heaters allow for seamless movement of the analytical robot without slowing down transfer times.

An etched foil heater warms the fluid sample and maintains it at a constant temperature.

Heater package fully surrounds the pipette for intimate coupling and tight temperature control.


Flexible circuits in neurology probes locate vital nerves so they can be avoided during prostate surgery, reducing instances of nerve damage during surgery, resulting in improved patient recovery without negative effects.

Electric circuits within the motor control flex of surgical drills used in orthopedic surgery allow for flexible configuration and space savings to keep the device compact and easy to operate.

All polyimide heaters in dental surgical instruments provide high watt density heating of polymer cones to melt and seal teeth in root canals. The component assembly integrates a surface-mount LED, control switch, and an RTD temperature sensor.
Medical Imaging:

Polyimide heaters keep scanner structures at a constant temperature to eliminate expansion/contraction registration errors. They also rapidly introduce heat into the superconducting environment to provide emergency shutdown of the magnetic field, and their small lead wires minimize heat leakage from the cryogenic environment during normal operation.

The heater is factory mounted to the heat sink and integrated with the imaging system RTD temperature sensor outputs the process to use a very detailed hard copy of the dry silver film matrix for analysis by the physician.

High-density flex circuits provide highly reliable interconnect circuits that rotate between MRI and PET/CT scanning devices within the imaging module.

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