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Mica Heater FAQ
1. How Does Arcade HR1015 Work?

The working of a Micathermic space heater is a lot less complicated than it seems.

Micathermic heaters have similar heating elements as convection heaters, except that the heating elements are typically panels covered in the sheets of mica, which is a great conductor of heat.

Mica is known to generate infrared rays. When mica is heated to a certain temperature, the infrared rays are emitted into the room. The electromagnetic rays then heat up the room. The heating effect the rays have on the room is similar to sunlight in the morning. It provides soothing heat, radiant heat, much like infrared sauna room heating do.

The best part is that these rays heat up the room faster than most space heaters. As the rays heat up all the objects in the room, the ambient air is warmed up by air convection. Gradually, the warm air pushes the cool air towards the heater itself.

This is how the cool air is warmed without the use of a fan to blow warm air across a room. This technology is what gives Micathermic heaters the ability to heat up larger areas without the assistance of a blower.

2. How Is Arcade HR1015 So Efficient?

Many people are apprehensive about buying Micathermic heaters. This is because the functionality of this heater sounds efficient, but they are not sure if it will actually be as efficient as it is made out to be. However, the combination of convective and radiant heating principles should make it more efficient than either type of heat.

HR1015 Micathermic heater is able to heat a large area than radiant heaters because of electromagnetic infrared rays. The heat is not directly transferred to objects in the room, but transferred to objects via electromagnetic infrared rays. If the heat were from a radiant heater, the nearest object would heat up first. But with the micathermic heater's electromagnetic waves, the rays heat up each object in an area at the same time.

As the objects heat up, the air warms up. Since each object in the room is being heated up at the same time, the ambient air warms up quicker.

The best part about Micathermic heaters is the area remains warm for a long time even after the heater is turned off.

3. Is There Any Laboratory Test Data or Official Statistics about Arcade HR1015?

Question: Why There Is An Unique Odor Even Burning White Smoke When Using The Heater?

Answer: The first time you use the appliance, or after a long time of storage, please let it run at least 15 minutes out of the room, with the thermostat at maximum to eliminate the “new” smell. Because mica silicon crystal comes with the physical characteristics of moisture absorption, the “new” smell is like leather stored smell in a long time.

The first time you use the appliance, or after a long time of storage, a little smoke due to the protective substances applied to the heating element, moisture absorption in mica vaporized by heating is normal.

All components of this heater come with RoHS & PROP65 compliant for you.

Question: Why there is a slight impact sound when shaking the heater?

Answer: The sound is from the gravity sensor (a parts of TIP-OVER protection switch), which is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured to use

Question: What Size Room Will It Heat up?

Answer: Less than 13x13 or 160 sq ft is high recommended. We tested heating whole room to a warm TEMP (Not close range from heater<1m) in different area:

Room area

Initial TEMP

Heating TEMP

Heating time

Outdoor TEMP

















Question: What Is The Amp Rating?

Answer: It's from 8.3A/1000W on low to 12.5A/1500W on high(Continuous working mode)

Question: Does HR1015 mica heater have the annoying hum as some as other heaters?

Answer: Fullchance HR1015 is 100% silent, noise level: 23dBA.You can't feel it is working if there is no LED indicator on the body.

Question: How Much Does This Heater Weigh? What is the size of it?

Answer: It is light weight 8.2lb. 18" W * 9.6" D * 25"H.

Question: What Is The Cord Length?

Answer: 78" cable, Power supply: 120V/60Hz 

Question: Can I Use It In A bathroom And Can The Steam Of The Hot Water Damage The Heater

Answer: This heater is not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry areas and similar indoor locations. The steam of the hot water does not damage the heater, but an unexpected plenty of water seepage will cause a short circuit and shut down.

Question: Does It Collect Dust? Is It Easy To Keep It Dust Free?

Answer: Maybe a little on heater grill. Lightly run a vacuum cleaner nozzle over grill every two weeks to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated.

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