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kapton etch foil heaters
The flexible polyester heating foil is the result of printed circuit technology (etched foil) and was developed in order to solve specific problems in advanced market sectors such as the space and aviation fields.
In a relatively short time, the heating foil has found applications in many other fields, allowing users to solve problems of particular importance thanks to the following characteristics.
  • Can be set to vary heat concentrations to optimize distribution
  • Minimum heat dipersion in case of external application on the object to be heated
  • Can be molded
  • Easy to assemble
  • Overall economical in many applications
Minimum weight, thickness and flexible working temperature
  • Mica 0,9 mm/max working temp. 500° C
  • Polyimide 0,15 mm/max working temp. 260° C with adhesive 175° C
  • Silicone 0,8 mm/max working temp. 200° C with adhesive 175° C
  • Poliestere 0,15-0,25 mm/max working temp. 100° C with adhesive 100° C
  • Teflon 0,8 mm
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Polyester flexible heating elements guarantee a fast and uniform heat transfer. Polyester allows heated elements to have superior heat transfer and exceptionally uniform heat output, which results in a faster warm-up cycle and longer life.
Custom Designed for Your Unique Applications
Polyester flex heaters are used for low temperature applications. The maximum surface temperature for the polyester heater is 95°C (203°F). Polyester can be used with an etched foil element, a wire wound design, or with one of our ITO (indium titanium oxide) inks. With the ITO ink, the heat is generated by a number of parallel-connected ink resistors and, therefore, is very robust and insensitive to small damages.
The resistance is virtually constant up 100°C. The constant wattage polyester heaters, or mylar heaters, are mostly used in low power applications at moderate to high voltages and can be less costly than metal foil to get the same low power required. The resistance in the inks can be adjusted in the range from 50 ohm/sq. to 50 000 ohm/sq. and is therefore suitable for many different applications.

Etched Foil Polyester Heaters
Our etched foil polyester heaters offer lower wattage use, balanced heating output across the heater, edge loss compensation, and extremely thin designs. Overall heater size is limited by maximum element width (590 mm).

Wire Wound Polyester Heaters
Wire wound polyester heaters offer the capabilities of an etched foil heater without the strict size limitation. A fine nickel-chromium alloy wire is spiraled onto a center core of fiberglass producing a strong, flexible heating element.
Electronically-controlled precision winding equipment ensures consistency. Circuits are then hand-wound on permanent tooling, providing repeatability of resistance and pattern. Parallel circuits are utilized where possible, permitting continued operation should a single circuit be damaged.
Polyester Material Used for Flexible Heaters
Polyester material can be transparent, which can be beneficial when the flexible heater is in a light emitting environment such as a touchscreen panel or a light-backed user interface. Other typical applications for polyester heaters are heated mirrors, battery warmers, de-icing equipment, heated aquariums, coffee machines, cosmetic equipment, hand grip heaters, and cabinet heaters.

  Minimum Maximum
Thickness 0.20mm 1000mm
Length 20mm 2,300mm
Width 20mm 590mm
Specific Power 0.01W/cm2 0.3W/cm2
Voltage 1.0V 400V
Temperature -50°C 95°C
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional)

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