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Application of Electric Heating Film - National Defense

St. Berlin engineers have the expertise you need to design your thermal, sensing and flex circuits. St. Berlin has successfully designed thousands of unique custom solutions for military applications, and our components are located all over the world.

Application example:
Head-mounted display (HMD)

thin-line flex circuits provide high-density interconnects for helmet-mounted microdisplays.

Thin, lightweight flex circuits replace cardboard-filled components to provide three-dimensional interconnection in handheld radios and GPS devices.
Rugged Portable Electronics

Thermal Foil Heater and Integrated Heater/Temperature Sensor/Controller Warm LCD Display and Hard Drive Computer Ruggedized for Cold Weather Operation.

Thermal Heater Clear and integrated temperature sensor maintains ambient temperature on LCD screen for optimum performance.

Missile systems and guided weapons

Flexible circuits provide high-current electrical connections between power sources and electrical components in tight spaces.

The flex circuit provides the critical switching of the safety arm fuze electromechanical system.

Launch platform for thermofoil heater heater servo valves.
heaters stabilize temperatures in various satellite subsystems such as fuel tanks/tubes, engines, electric motors, deployment mechanisms, batteries, electronics and communication modules.

The heater provides critical solar panel generation dumping excess power.

The ribbon sensor is fixed to the accelerometer/gyroscope for temperature compensation.



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