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The electric film mica heating element introduced
Electric film Mica heating film heater in the the home heater "family", has swept the markets both at home and abroad for many years, has always been the favorite of consumers. Its heart for this type of heater is electric film mica fever tablets can also be referred to as the core technology. Whether the electric film mica fever tablets exactly? What are Categories? The following highlights.

In fact, due to the heater sought after by the market, face the world should be shipped spawned a wide variety of electric film mica heating element, are the manufacturer of a variety of heating elements known as the "electric film mica heating element, resulting in a good and bad fish in the situation, bring some misleading to consumers and the finished product manufacturers, and even cause some misunderstanding of electric membrane technology.

Fullchance. is a collection development, production and sales as one of professional heater manufacturers. Fullchance over the years focused on the development and production of the mica electric film heating element, with the most advanced silicon crystal electric film heating element production lines and complete sets of laboratory and to master the the silicon electric film heater core technology of intellectual property, but also the most scale silicon electric film research and production base and global electric film heating element of the major suppliers.


Fullchance Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, Fullchance Mica from a professional point of view, constitute the core of the heating film named distinguish, there are several, one by one introduced:

 (1) Winding alloy heating wire electric film

Since its introduction in 2001, is widely used today, is a more traditional heating methods. Because the heating wire is a linear heat source, smaller heat dissipation, thermal radiation wave was three-dimensional diffusion, part of the electrical energy into light, strong fire. Based on the energy law of conservation of energy conversion efficiency of only 60% -70%. Temperature rise of up to 1100 ° C, the heating wire is easy to break, poor seismic performance.

The heating wire is pressed, the extension, pull, stretch approach made electric wire, electric rods, hot plate, electric films such as, but not at liberty to cut power use. Electric wire production technology has been very mature, supporting the production of household appliances, mostly low-end products, low competitiveness. The some electric wire supporting household appliances, has been difficult to enter the high-end market in Europe and America.
(2) Carbon film mica heating plate

Carbon Film belong to the same category of the electric film is organic opaque Electric film. The organic electric film constitute another polymer electric film and adding electric film. The practical application of more use in the film-forming substances in the addition of carbon black, graphite or a mixture of the two, commonly known as black film. The process of film coating and screen printing is commonly used. The most electric film film-forming and need to use carrier, the application of more carrier material is glass, ceramic and mica.

Carbon Film Mica heating plate has the following disadvantages:

A physical security performance risks. Since the production process of the black film coating and screen-printed on the surface of the insulating substrate, so the electric film is thickest a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm. Due to different coefficients of expansion, the film and the mica layer after being heated, after repeated heating and cooling, the final film and mica substrate between the bubble layer is formed, the film is easy to fall off.

Power density can not be bigger, the high cost of the whole cost. Monolithic power density is generally less than 0.5W per square centimeter, the surface temperature can only reach 200 degrees, which require manufacturers to do the high-power heater appearance size was great, the cost increase.

(3) Tin oxide electric film mica heating plate

The conductive tin oxide film is the composite sintered and coated on the surface of the conductive coating processing, in the gaseous state, the processing of tin oxide by high-temperature sputtering and the composite sintered made.

Tin oxide electric film mica heating plate has the following disadvantages:

A. Tin oxide is sintered and cloud motherboard, current is flowing through the tin oxide layer and heat, but the nature of the mica sheet is the mica fine crystals tissue glue, the structure is not tight and lower ductility and toughness, loose, especially with the constant expansion and contraction, mica fine crystal structure form a subtle gap between these subtle gap on the current flow is a great obstacle, a direct result of the blows.

B. Factors due to the characteristics of the tin oxide itself for a long time will cause the power attenuation. Power attenuation and more obvious, make the heater less and less "hot", to reduce the effect.

C. Similarly, factors due to the characteristics of the tin oxide itself, the power density can not be bigger, and generally not more than 0.65W / per square centimeter, the surface temperature can reach 250 degrees Celsius or less.

The fever tablets structural divergence is complicated due to the heating part of the mica and before and after the cloud motherboard is a large gap, the heat is trapped in the internal, the internal temperature will exceed 300 degrees, the heat dissipation efficiency is low radiation efficiency is relatively low.
(4) Alloy foil-piece electric film mica heating plate

Currently on the market share of the highest application time is longer, customer acceptance of the most widely undoubtedly the piece in gold foil electric film. As the name suggests, the heating core piece is a thin piece alloy foil, general thickness of only 0.02mm ~ 0.03mm, this special ultra-thin alloy foil sheet with corrosion-resistant, high temperature characteristics. Branch-company is the earliest R & D and production of alloy foil-piece electric film mica heating plate manufacturers, has accumulated a very strong technical experience, I produced the heating plate ruthless obvious advantages in terms of quality, is a similar product quality standards makers and leader, widely recognized by the industry at home and abroad.

Alloy foil-piece electric film mica heating plate has the following advantages:

1) An excellent electrical performance, since the current through the thickness uniformity of the high-conductive alloy, with the mica is not directly related, and alloys having a high temperature resistance, so it can withstand the strong flow capacity. I produced the heating element can withstand the impact test of 1.65 times the rated voltage (power 3 seconds, power-off 3 seconds, 300 loop), conversion success rate that is 2.7 times the rated power of impact without damage, delamination nor blistering. This is much better than the carbon film mica heating plate and tin oxide electric film mica heating plate, which is particularly important for large currents are normally high-power heater products.

2) Power density can be bigger, in the same circumstances, the aggregate the foil piece electric film Mica heating board power density can be done of 0.80W / per square centimeter. Because typically heater surface temperature to meet the safety requirements, so We generally recommend that under the previous value. But in fact if you put aside the heater surface temperature requirements, the power density can be higher. Means that it has a higher power density capability, higher security, a longer life.

3) High efficiency of heat radiation, since the aggregate of the foil sheet and cloud motherboard, tight securement, fast heat conduction, radiation efficiency is correspondingly higher, if sided calculation, the heat radiation efficiency of 35% or more.

4) Structure, good stability, alloy foil chip cloud motherboard adhesive and high temperature lamination process. Alloy foil sheet attached to a solid. Especially the alloy foil sheet having unique toughness and flexibility of metal, able to withstand the normal production and transit difficult to avoid the various physical effects, such as normal pressure, impact, bending, collision will not affect its structure. Production control properly, the loss in the above process can be reduced to almost zero, which is also the carbon film mica heating plate and tin oxide electric film mica heating plate can not be compared, because they are directly affected by the organizational structure of mica, and this kinds of covert ruthless difficult to find, is a ruthless risk risks.

5) Power stability. General during the normal life of little attenuation.

The electric membrane Mica heating film heater The reason welcomed by the market, mainly because it has the following advantages:

(1) 1 to 2 minutes of heater can reach full heat heating up fast;

(2) Heat transfer and comprehensive manner, along with hot air convection and infrared radiation in two ways, the heating effect of a more comprehensive;


(3) Far-infrared radiation waves have the effect of physical health.


The National infrared and industrial electric products of Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Test, the far-infrared wavelength radiation mainly between 4-18um, this band far infrared rays in a foreign country is known as the "Sunshine lifeline", widely used in the field of health care.

(4) Gentle heat, not hot, not oxygen, do not reduce indoor air humidity, body heating more comfortable

(5) No noise, no smell, no light pollution, environmental health, suitable for high quality of life.

(6) Easy temperature adjustment control, thermal inertia, synchronization heating, thermal field uniformity, easy the overheating temperature control protection can also be used in harsh environments heating, such as high humidity environment

(7) Product appearance more beautiful, generous, lightweight, durable and strong 2


In summary, this type of heater phase there are obvious advantages for the heat pipe radiators Youting and PTC heater. Play a more important role in the heater family trend is increasingly evident.

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