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high temperature Mica heater

Fullchance produces mica heating elements. Based on strict quality management system, these products are made of high quality raw materials and are precisely inspected. Our Mica Heating Elements are optimal heaters for varied electrical appliances:
Mica heating plate, used for toaster, radiation air heaters …
Mica heating frame, used for convection air heaters, hand drier …
Mica heating core, used for heating gun, hair dryer ...
Ethed Foil Mica Heating Element
The element puts an etched foil between two silicone resin painted mica parts, then integrates under high temperature and pressure. The element successfully solve the problem of delaminate that comes from different expansibility of different materials. Comparing with the structure of conventional air heater, it has better heating efficiency, much lighter and thinner.
Main Application: Radiation air heaters and those electrical appliances that need lighter, thinner and higher heating efficiency components
Wire Mica Heating Element
The element is made of the finest nickel chrome wire and mica sheet.
The mica carrier is twisted with the proper wire, sometimes is clamped by
two mica parts.
Main Application: Toaster, coffee cooker, etc…
Main Heating Frame/Core
Mica heating frame (Mica heating core) is made of mica assembly and high quality resistance wire.
Main Application:   Air heater, heat gun, hair dryer, etc…
◆ Insulation Material:Muscovite / Phlogopite mica plate
◆ Heating Wire:Ni80Cr20, OCr25Al5A
◆ Voltage Range:100 – 230 V
◆ Power Rating:depending upon application
◆ Operating Temperature:depending upon ratings, motor, construction of heater etc
◆ Dimension:customers’ requirement
◆ Thermal protection:customers’ requirement

We supply you mica heating elements as followings; 
1. Strip Heating Element 
Sandwich structure, surfaces are mica plates, inside is the high quality alloy resistance wire with mica plate as heating ore. 
Mainly used in Toaster, Belt-hair Dryer, Radiant Room Heater 
2. Mica Heating Frame 
Mica Plate as frame and good quality alloy resistance wire as heating material. 
Mainly used in Fan Heaters, Convection Heaters, Electric Heater Hair Dryers 
-Insulation Material: Muscovite/Phlogopite Mica Plate 
-Heating Wire: Ni80Cr20, OCr25Al5A 
-Voltage Range: 100 - 230 V 
-Power Rating: According to the application 
-Operating temperature: depending on ratings, motor, construction of heater 
-Dimensions: according to the requirements 
It is a normal product according to ISO9001:2000 and all the products are certified by UL, RoHS, TUV, FDA 
*Supply capability (normal product with normal demention) 
10,000 pieces per month 
(Mica Heating Element is normally customized) 

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