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Wire-Wound silicone heater


Wire-Wound Element Construction


Silicone Rubber heaters with wire-wound elements provide excellent physical strength capable of withstanding repeated flexing without compromising the life and performance of the heater. They are also very effective for manufacturing geometrically challenged shapes, including three dimensional ones. The wire-wound process is recommended and preferred for small to medium size quantities, medium to large size heaters, and to produce prototypes to prove out the design parameters prior to entering into large volume production runs when using etched foil.
the wire-wound element process consists of resistance wire wound on a fiberglass cord for added support and flexibility. The wire-wound element is laid out in a special designed pattern to ensure uniform heat profile and to conform to the size and shape of the silicone rubber heater, avoiding holes and cutouts, or to concentrate the heat profile in a specific section(s) of the heater as the application dictates. Power lead wires or cord sets are attached to the heater windings with solder and firmly secured in place through a vulcanizing process, ensuring that the assembly becomes homogenous.
Key Facts
  • 7-10 Days Delivery
  • Wire Wound Technology
  • Precise Even Heating
  • Custom Design
  • Flexible & Lightweight
  • UL & VDE Approval available
  • Moisture & Chemical Resistant
  • Wide Temperature Range -60°C to +230°C

​Advantages Of Wire Wound Flexible Heaters
Using evenly spaced resistance wires laminated between sheets of silicone, Wire Wound Silicone Flexible Heating Elements are ideal for prototyping or problem solving applications. Manufactured to customer specifications these heaters can be made to suit almost any application. High flexibility can be obtained using tough, robust silicone materials that are finding ever-increasing applications in industries. Having manufactured Wire Wound Flexible Heaters since 1972, Fullchancehave all the necessary experience required to design elements which are suitable for even the most arduous environments.

Advantages of Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters
Silicone rubber is ideally suited for the production of flexible heater mats with it’s low thermal mass, superb electrical insulation properties and robust construction. It allows high power densities and offers fast response to temperature control. With silicone’s wide temperature tolerance of –60°C to 230°C as well as being thin and lightweight it has distinct advantages over other forms of heating. Where direct, precise and intimate heating is required silicone heaters are the ideal solution.
Wire Wound Silicone Flexible Heaters are generally suited to low volume applications or applications which require a flexible yet robust heating element. Fullchance's heaters are used in countless applications but Wire Wound Flexible Heaters have been regularly used for the following purposes; industrial catering, anti condensation, environmental control, composite repair of aircraft, GRP pipe curing and snow melting to name just a few. If you're not sure if a Wire Wound Flexible Heater would suit your requirements then please contact one of our technical support team who would be only too happy to advise you.
Fullchance can offer a variety of fixing methods and thermal control options. Check out our Silicone Heater Accessories and Silicone Heater Fixings pages for more information.
Service, Design & Delivery
Providing a full design, prototype and production service, Fullchance can manufacture virtually any shape or size heater. Our Wire Wound Flexible Heaters offer customers the opportunity to have product on site for trials and testing within days. With average lead times of 7-10 days and urgent delivery of 3-5 days on small quantities Fullchance ensure a top quality, high-speed service from start to finish.

Silicone rubber has low thermal mass and provides superb electrical insulation properties allowing for high power densities with fast response to temperature control.
Wire wound heater mats and pads are manufactured using evenly spaced resistance wires laminated between flexible, lightweight sheets of silicone and can be made in any size or shape to suit individual client requirements.
Silicone heater mats or pads can be made to suit temperatures ranging from -60ºC to 230ºC and can be provided with a range of temperature control devices including thermocouples, platinum sensors and limit switches.
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Thermal control pockets and housing can also be catered for to allow a client to utilise their own control devices if required.
Wire wound silicone heater mats can also be provided with a self-adhesive backing to provide a quick and simple method of securing heater mats to the required surface.
Alternatively a non-adhesive mat can be fitted with a range of fixings such as hooks and springs, buckles and straps or Velcro - contact T&D for further information.
Wire Wound Silicone Heater Mat / Pad Application Examples
Industrial Catering
Battery Warming
Environmental Control

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