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Purchasing Policy

  • Fair Trade

    We excersize rational, logical, and optimal procurment method on a free competitive basis.

  • Building a Sound Business Relationship

    We truly value our relationship with the customers, and strive for a mutal development and growth.

  • Compliance with the Law

    We comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the countries in which we do business..

  • Appropriate Pricing, Quality, and Stable Procurement

    We set the evaluation criteria for the suppliers such as pricing, lead time, quality, technological capabilities, enviroments, information ability, proposal capabilities, communication capabilities, and so on, in order to maintaint a stable procurement.

  • Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Procurement

    Our procurement activities are in consideration of important social aspects such as envitoment and human rights. We also require our suppliers to observe CSR procurement with the same standard.

  • Fullchance Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

    It is essential to have the supplier's full coorporation for successfully implementing Fullchance's CSR activities. The CSR Purchasing Guidelines are now established and to be distributed to the suppliers.The CSR Purchasing Guidelines cover the following seven areas: (1) human rights and labor, (2) safety and health, (3) environment, (4) fair trade and ethics, (5) quality and safety, (6) information security, and (7) social contributions.We request all our suppliers to understand the purpoas of the guidelines, and implement them accordingly. We also request our suppliers to destribute these guidlines to their suppliers and subsuppliers.

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