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Polyester Printing heater
Polyester Printing Heater and PTF flexible heaters technologies
what is flexible printing heater

Fullchance PTF flexible heaters technologies

Thanks to the use of inks or electrically conductive pastes printed on a polymer film, Fullchance creates flexible heaters in various shapes and thicknesses, typically very thin around 0.2 mm, appropriate to the type of product where they must be applied.
Special inks formulated by Fullchance, in some cases, can be prepared in order to give a behaviour known as "PTC” - Positive Temperature Coefficient-: once a certain level of temperature is reached these inks limit the production of heat without the need of an applied thermostat avoiding in such way the danger of overheating.

The peculiarity of this type of heaters makes them so versatile that they can be used in various fields satisfying the needs both of industry market and consumer goods.

Flexible Products
The basic materials adopted by Fullchance to make ultra flat heaters (PET - Polyester) combined with the very ductile silver / carbon silk printed paste make the heating elements extremely flexible and adaptable to any cylindrical surface.
Furthermore Fullchance can keep the same shape of heaters and modify the absorbed power (produced heat) just amended the carbon paste composition.
The shapes, powers, voltages, types of self adhesive... can be any up to a continuous temperature of about 100°C.
Flexible Technologies
Flexible Support
Fullchance is managed and powered by young and expert persons, dynamic and motivated, that give a quick, precise and professional support to any type of customers.
Flexible Solutions
The ability to make and supply various type of heating elements combined with the fact to serve many market sectors, including special niches, allow Fullchance to be an excellent collector of information.
This permit Fullchance to "merge" various applications in order to find always the best possible solutions to satisfy customer needs

Advantages compared to traditional heaters

  • The heating element is printed on a very thin and flexible polyester support and can therefore be placed in very narrow spaces, adapting to curved surfaces.
  • There are available various forms which can produced upon request also with holes or slits for applications that might request it.
  • The desired temperature is reached in a short time and low consumption.
  • You may have different temperatures over the heating surface, simply by printing the heating elements in various forms depending on where and how you want to heat.
  • The back side can be made self-adhesive, so as to adhere to various surfaces.
  • Different types of electrical insulation are available, depending on where the heater needs to operate.
  • The heaters are available in all voltage supplies, including the low voltage.

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