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Electric Heating Film Application - Aviation

Electrothermal Film Application—Aviation


For decades, customers have depended on us for reliable components across a wide range of aerospace markets. St. Berlin began designing and manufacturing temperature sensors for aerospace guidance systems 50 years ago. We pioneered the development of thermal foil heaters - now standard components in modern instrumentation. St. Berlin continues to build highly reliable and rugged components that survive the harshest conditions and still work when you need them - whether it's every two seconds or every two years.

St. Berlin is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of the lighter, faster, smaller product customization industry. We leverage decades of design experience, a state-of-the-art technology and proprietary manufacturing capabilities to construct components using materials well suited to the temperature range, installation requirements and space constraints of the application. St. Berlin's custom features can improve product lifecycle, reliability, and even reduce costs.

Application Case:
Commercial and Defense Avionics Systems
Flexible circuits through more efficient use of space and weight reduction in aircraft engine indicators.

A heat ribbon RTD sensor monitors the temperature of the heated windshield.

The heater warms the LCD screen.

Thin film thermal ribbons and heaters de-ice the probe angle and detect the wing surface temperature to de-ice the wing surface.

Temperature Sensor Hydraulic line fluid monitors temperature to prevent overheating.

High current Heaterstat deicing airspeed sensor.

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