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Round Quick Heating Up Mica Flexible Heating Element


By the mica paper, resin and properties, mica plates have following types:

        Classification                 Tpye                 R-Properties
Mica Plate

          Muscovite Plate

          Phlogopite Plate

          Heat Resistant 500 °c

          Heat Resistant 800 °c

Hardness grade

               Rigid Plate

              Flexible Plate




               Matt Plate 

               Glossy Plate

              Surface Rough

              Surface Glossy


Rigid thermal insulation muscovite mica sheet / pad 

Rigid laminated material, constructed of muscovite or phologpite mica paper with silicon resin.
They are known by its excellent thermal resistance, good flame resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent physical strength, and little smoke by heating.
The products have been widely used in the industries of household electric appliances (clothes irons, hair dryers, toasters, kettles, cooking appliances, microwave ovens, air heaters), metallurgy (frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, arc furnace), medical appliances, etc.


Flexible thermal insulation muscovite mica sheet / pad 
Flexible Mica Plate  is a kind of flexible laminated material, it has excellent dielectric properties , excellent tensile strength and easy to form at room temperature. They are often used for hair dryers, curlers, electrical irons, motors and so on.


Glossy thermal insulation muscovite mica sheet / pad 
Glossy Mica Plate are made from muscovite (or phlogopite) mica paper and high temperature resistant silicon resin, compared with rigid mica plate, its surface are very smooth, but properties have no different.  Glossy Mica Plate series has two species: Glossy muscovite mica plate and Glossy Phologpite mica plate.


Fiberglass flat PET laminating film sheet

The fiberglass flat PET laminating film sheet is a flexible fiberglass sheet laminated with Fibreglass insulation Cloth + Phlogopite mica paper + PET Film . Temperature Class F 155°C. it has good function for motor.


Creamy white epoxy mica sheet

Epoxy mica epoxy resin board consist of muscovite or phlogopite mica paper, impregnated with specially selected epoxy resin. This product is a hard, dense mica sheet for use in segments, separators and spacers. It good performance electrical property, mechanical strength, excellent moisture resistance, and can be sawed, sheared and punched into intricate shapes, using for good commercial practice. Because of its superior uniformity, automatic feeding and stacking are possible for cost saving in high speed assembly operation.


1)we also call mica heat insulation sheet,heating sheet,mica laminate sheet or flexible thermal insulation sheets and so on 

2)It has good quality and competitive price for our customers,and we will offer best severice to you

3)It is made by selected mica materials mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked,it has good mechanical strength and strength and property of heat resistance

4)It can be cut into various gaskets,also used as filler for spiral wound gaskets,it can be reinforced with tanged metal,it has proven beyond doubt the best and most reliable permanent sealing characteristics,low minimum compressive load,self-adjusting to enlarging gaps,no buming or sticking to flanges,compensating action in ceramic/steel joints with unequal expansion


5 )we also product all kinds of shapes' mica sheet follow customers' requirements


Mica Tape

Mica tape is widely used to withstand/ resist fire cable. which adopt high-quality Phlogopite mica papers, fiber-glass clothes or PE films as their reinforcing materials, and also with organic silicon resin as its adhesive, then are baked with high temperature,and compressed.Theycan withstand temperature up to 1000 °C for 3 hrs.


Insulation mica tube

Mica insulation tube  is produced with high quality white mica paper and gold mica paper match with the appropriate high performance by binding volume and organic silicone baking processing to be the hard tube shape insulating materials.


Mica tubes are classified into Muscovite tubes with a temperature resistance of 500 °C and Phlogopite tubes with a temperature resistance of 800 °C.The lengths of our mica tubes are between 5 and 1,000mm and their inner diameters are between 3 and 300mm with stable quality. Mica tubes of special specifications can also be made per customers’ drawings, e.g, slotting, bonding, etc.

Specifications/Special Features

  • Broad temperature range of 260º to450°C provides faster processing and cycle times forproduction
  • Voltage : 5V-380V(AC)
  • Normal power rating :International standare
  • Voltage performance: Can resist AC 2000V/0.75 mAh/ 1 min impact without breakdown, no flashover in normal state >100MΩ insulating performance
  • Usage life :>6000 hours
  • High watt density capability to 110 W/in² (17 W/cm²)

Features of Mica Heaters

  • Can be factory formed to curves
  • Can be integrated with temperature sensors
  • Clamp directly to heat sink for exceptional heat transfer
  • Suitable for vacuum use after organic binder is burned off in initial power-up

Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor processing
  • Packaging, strapping, and sealing equipment
  • DNA analysis (mica heaters used for rapid temperature cycling)
  • Food service appliances
  • Plastics and rubber molding supplemental heat



Insulation Material Comparison

Heater Properties  Insulation Material
Material PET         KAPTON          MICA     SILICON       
Max. Thickness 0.2-0.3mm 0.2-0.3mm 0.8-1.3mm 0.5-0.9mm
Max Wattage Densities(W/cm2) 2.5 7.8 5 17
Voltage Range 3-380V 3-380V 3-380V 3-380V
Dielectric Strength 1000VRMS 1000VRMS 1000VRMS 1000VRMS

Temperature Range

-32 to 130°C  -150 to 200°C -150 to 600°C -45 to 230°C 
-25 to 266°F -328 to 392°F -238 to 1112°F   -50 to 450°F

More Information of Mica

1.What is Mica Blocks?

Mica Blocks are available in various types Ruby mica blocks, Green mica blocks and can be cut according to the specifications required by the clients.

Our team of skilled technicians manually grade and cut the mica blocks to eliminate defects in the finished product.


These blocks are fabricated into a myriad range of products having numerous applications in diversified fields. The dressed sheet of mica with a minimum thickness of each sheet 0.18mm (0.007 inch) is called Mica Blocks.


It is graded according to the quality as Clear (CC), Clear & Slightly Stained (CL&SS), Fairly Stained (FS), Good Stained (GS), Heavily Stained (HS) and Densely Stained (DS).

Mica sheets are available in irregular shapes due to natural occurrence and are obtained in between the area range of 4.8 to 650 (0.75 sq. inch to 100 & up sq. inch). Average sheet thickness of each mica blocks varies in between 0.18 to 0.40 mm (0.007 inch to 0.016 inch)


2.What is Mica's Physical Property?










PH Value
1:30 50-70 1.58 2.8 6.5-7.5


3.How Many types of micas?

Muscovite,Phlogopite,Biotite,Sericite,Wet ground and dry ground


4.What are sizes of mica?

20mesh,40mesh,60mesh,80mesh,100mesh,200mesh,325mesh,or according to customers' requirements.


5.What are Mica's main Advantages?

Mica's main advantages are insulativity and heat resistance, which are perfect: 

1). If mica's thickness reaches 0.015mm, its average breakdown voltage would be 2.0—5.7kV, puncture strength would be 133- 407KV/mm.

2). When mica is heated by temperature of 100-600°C, its elasticity and surface properties will not change.


6. What is Mica's Main Use and Functions?

Mica powder can be used in paint and coating to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays or other Light and heat damage to the paint film, promote coating acid and alkali. and insulation, and to t= strengthen its durability , freezing resistance corrosion resistance, water resistance etc. it helps to strengthen the adherence to the layer, improve its intensity, brightness, tenacity and Compaction. As a result ,it is conducive to reduce the ventilation ,to prevent speckle and chaps as well as reduce sediment in the paint. As a prior filler in paint, mica powder can be used to substitutesome expensive raw materials in the paint so as to reduce the production cost.

 Mica powder is also the basic raw material for mica ceramicsproducts.
 Mica powder can be applied in protecting layer of welding rods, conducting wires and electric cables.
 It can be use as suspended substance in fire-fighting dry powder.
 It can be taken as a filler , a shelter, a lubricating substance, a drawing of patterns in plastics, rubber, asbestos products and sealing materials.
It can also be used as a filler in degreasing agent of cosmetics, in insulating materials of high-frequent electric waves and 
acid and alkaliproducts.
 It can be used as coating in models of 
Cast metal, the brightening material in aluminum and paint in Plating bath.


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