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Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters

Fullchance Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters outperform conventional heating elements and feature excellent physical and electrical properties that result in thermal stability over a wide temperature range.

Uniform Heating with Superior Thermal Properties

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters' thin construction and low mass designs allow heat to transfer more efficiently than foil imprinted heaters. Uniform part temperatures are assured by matching power.

Quick Heat-up

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters' built-in nano technology heating elements create strong bonding, making them more flexible than typical flexible heaters. This allows heat to transfer more efficiently and evenly than foil imprinted heaters. Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters' high temperature capability allows higher wattage for faster heat-up and warm-up time.

Lower EMF

Unlike heaters with printed or wired circuits, Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters DO NOT produce high EMF or cause cracks and breakages of the internal heater conductor when bent which is the main cause of most heater failures.

Great Performance & Reliability

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters offer excellent performance even under critical operating temperatures from as low as -200°C and can safely operate up to 210°C (higher temperatures depend on the application). For applications below -40°C, a clamping plate should be installed over the heater so that its structure will not be affected by the change in adhesive properties under cold conditions.

Light & Space Saving

The thickness of Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters is less than 0.22mm (0.0087 inches) and each typically weighs only 0.04 g/cm2 (0.009oz/in2). They are ideal heaters for applications with limited space such as defense electronics, aircraft, portable medical instruments, laboratory research, optical & photographic equipment, LCD displays, computer equipment, high density electronic devices, automotive applications, and many more.

Easy Installation

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters are easy to install. Simply remove the back adhesive and apply to the surface of the item to be heated. For high wattage density, use a pressure plate to fix the heater in place. Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters do not have abrupt protruding lead-out areas, hence they allow the pressure plates to fully cover the heaters without having to cut or trim the clamping metal to incorporate the lead-out area.

Applications For Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters can be made with complex shapes and geometries. Cut-out holes and notches can also be designed in to meet exact application specifications. A single Ultra-Thin Flexible Heater can also be designed with multiple heating areas or multiple watt densities.

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Protection from freezing of outdoor devices
  • Condensation prevention of equipment
  • Dehumidification of Motors and Control Devices
  • Aircraft Equipment
  • Battery Heating
  • Lab simulation and testing
  • Outdoor ATM or camera enclosure heating
  • Small, compact home appliances
  • LCD displays
  • Optical/Photographic equipment
  • Computer equipment (IC chips/PC Boards)
  • Satellite and communication equipment
  • Seat heater/pet warmer/heating pads
  • Food trays and food display shelving
  • Lab simulation and testing
  • Medical and Laboratory equipment and Instruments (eg. blood analyzer combined with our high precision temperature controller to control the temperature at +/-0.1°C)

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