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Silicone Drum Heater With Velcro Straps
Fullchance products are the strongest and most versatile industrial heaters on the market. We design and manufacture Fullchance® Flex heaters to provide moderate heat and even distribution on both irregular and smooth surfaces. The Fullchance® Flex heater is designed for use with industrial equipment in limited access spaces. We are extremely proud of our Fullchance® Flex heaters and welcome you to try one of the most durable, flexible, heaters available.
  • We manufacture large, high-amp load flex heaters with multiple internal circuits. Each circuit would have its own leads which are wired external to the heater.
  • Dual voltage and three phase designs available
  • Flexible heaters manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Standard color iron oxide red. Other colors available green and black
  • Silk screening to customers artwork available upon request

Silicone band Heater With Springs

Use drum heaters to: preheat process ingredients, melt material, control viscosity, protect against freezing, speed flow of liquids, reduce residue, and promote dissolution Drum heaters are made of flexible, tough fibreglass reinforced silicon rubber which conforms to the drum.
EASY TO INSTALL: Simply wrap around and fasten with spring.
JUST PLUG IN: Comes with 6 ft. cord, The 120 volt heater comes with plug set standard.
SAFE: Heater is shielded internally with grounded mesh wire for electrical protection.
RUGGED: Made of high strength silicone rubber over woven fiberglass: resistant to moisture, shock, vibration and abrasion.
Fullchance flexible  amadrum heaters are 3” wide. One or more heaters can be applied to 5, 30 and 55 gallon drums, depending on heat-up time and temperature requirements. See graph below for time-to-temperature graph when using one or more heaters.

Easy to attach
Easy to keep clean
Convenient to store
Sized to fit 18-200 Litre metal drums
Produces 1500 or 2000 watts
Cord and plug for 220 volt power




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