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Standard silicon rubber heater


Variant form silicone heater Bimetal Switch silicone  heater
Grommet and spring Type  Cylindrical forming silicone heater


  • Different types of heaters such as round, triangle, or ones with holes offered at reasonable prices.
  • Minimum order of one piece, with a quick delivery option.
  • High thermal response due to low thickness, with a standard thickness of 1.5mm.
  • Easy fit on cylinders, cones, and various curved surfaces because of its high flexibility.
  • Available from low temperature through 200°C [392°F].
  • Different designs including low voltage, 100V, 200V and 240V types available.
Power Density
  • Power density range of o.6-o.8W/cm2 (3.87-5.16W/in2) is suitable for our standard type in most cases,
  • but this rate may vary depending on installation conditions or methods of thermal control.
  • Please contact us with questions.



Heat tolerance Heat Tolerance 200°C
Max temperature 250°C
Electric properties Capacity Tolerance ±10%
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or over/DC500V
Electric Strength 1500V/1min
Size Max 800mm×3000mm
Min 25mm×50mm
Thickness 1.5mm

Correspondence Thermoregulator


OT-9 Separated type Pt100Ω Sensor 
K Thermo-couple
OT-9 PRO K Thermo-couple
EGO 0-40°C, 30-110°C, 60-200°C

Overheat Preventer


Bimetal Switch 10°C-200°C Temperature preference
Thermal Fuse 77°C-240°C Temperature preference

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