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features&application of kapton heater
Polyimide flexible film heaters have the same function as silicone mat heaters except they are much thin (under 1mm) and more flexible. They can be made with similar watt densities  and can operate at the same temperature as the silicone heaters. The main advantage of these types of heaters is that the cost per unit is lower than that of it counter part silicone heaters, so if large quantities are required they are preferred. There is generally a higher tooling cost  though than silicone heaters so smaller quantities actually work out to be the same or higher than silicone heaters.
Installation of these heaters are very simple, they are supplied with adhesive backing, the bonding surface should be kept  smooth, clean and dry to ensure proper bonding and heat transfer.
  • Can be set to vary heat concentrations to optimise distribution
  • Can be made to any shape
  • Easy fitting
  • Overall economical in many applications
  • Minimum weight and thickness:
  • Flexibility
  • Working temperatures up to 200ºC
  • Catering serving counters
  • Telecommunication enclosures
  • Aircraft repairs
  • Satellite dishes
  • Laboratory equipment

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