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max working temperature of Polyimide Heater
Fullchance manufacture custom made polyimide heaters that can be entirely customized to any shape. The heaters are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and wattages, all to achieve the perfect fit for manufacturers strict requirements.
Fullchance’s film heaters can operate at extremely high watt density due to the large surface area covered by the foil circuit. This delivers excellent uniformity and faster heat transfer resulting in longer heater life in high power applications. Also, our superior circuit pattern allows the design of complex heat distribution patterns and an exceptionally uniform heat output with different watt density within the heater area.
The polyimide heaters can serve as an optimal component for various industries like semiconductor, military and satellite, medical instrument, LCD and much more.



  Parameters Polyimide Core
1 Voltage range Up to 1000V AC/DC 1- or 3-phase
2 Max. watt density (controlled) 7.5W/cm2
3 Watt tolerance ±10%
4 Min. dielectric strength 60kV
5 Max. size 480x1000mm
6 Min. size 10x10mm
7 Min. thickness 0.2mm
8 Max. continuous operating temp. 350oC
9 Min. ambient temperature -50oC
10 Connection options Rivets, blade terminals, thermal fuses, cables, sensors, thermostats, saftey temperature limiters
11 Sealing (connection point) Silicone, polymer
12 RoHS compliant Yes
13 Protection class IP X4

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