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H type silicone rubber heater


Extreme temperature resistance (300 degrees)

H Type

Our H-type heater is specially designed for high temperature (maximum surface temperature of 300 degrees C.) uses. Since this type can be set with higher wattage density compared with the standard type, it is recommended to use this H-type for any place where quick heating is required.



  • Different types of heaters such as round, triangle, or ones with holes offered at reasonable prices. Minimum order of one piece, with a quick delivery option.
  • High thermal response due to low thickness, with a standard thickness of 1.5mm.
  • Easy fit on cylinders, cones, and various curved surfaces because of its high flexibility.
  • Available from low temperature through 300°C [572°F].
  • Different designs including low voltage, 100V, 200V and 240V types available.

Power Density


  • Power density range of 0.8-1.5 w/cm2 (5.16-9.68w/in2) is suitable for our H type in most cases, but this rate may vary depending on installation conditions or methods of thermal control. Please contact us with questions.



Heat tolerance Heat Tolerance 250°C
Max temperature 300°C
Electric properties Capacity Tolerance ±10%
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or over/DC500V
Electric Strength 1500V/1min
Size Max 800mm×3000mm
Min 25mm×50mm
Thickness 1.5mm

Correspondence Thermoregulator


OT-9 Separated type Pt100Ω Sensor
K Thermo-couple
OT-9 PRO K Thermo-couple
EGO 0-40°C, 30-110°C, 60-200°C

Overheat Preventer


Bimetal Switch 10°C-200°C Temperature preference
Thermal Fuse 77°C-240°C Temperature preference

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