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Electric heating film application - power generation

St. Berlin provides temperature sensors for all critical asset monitoring. We manufacture sensors and thermowell assemblies for monitoring all aspects of the process industry. St. Berlin has a diverse product portfolio approved for use in hazardous areas where accurate temperature detection is critical. Proven quality and reliability make St. Berlin's temperature sensors and instruments the standard.
Application Case:
Oil and Gas
Miniature Bolt-on Sensors Reliably Measure Critical Downhole Equipment to Avoid Costly Damage Due to Excessive Temperatures in Harsh and High Pressure Environments.

Provides protection for explosion-proof, explosion-proof sensor and thermowell assemblies in hazardous environments.

Petroleum Refining

Explosion and Explosion Proof Temperature with Components Optional Thermocouple and Programmable, HART, PROFIBUS Fieldbus or Transmitter.


operational efficiency by optimizing temperature monitoring and intake and production line control.


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