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Photo Etch and Patterning

1.  Photo Etch & Patterning:
Photolithography patterning is provided on almost all coating products of Fullchance. Metals such as Al, Al:Cu, Cr, NiCr, Ni, Au, Pd, Pt, Ag, Cu, Mo, Mo:Cr and many other alloys and oxides like I.T.O., IMITO™, & Black Cr. (Cr203). These are patterned as small as 2 micron resolution with sharp and tapered edges on up to 370 mm x 470 mm glass and other wafer substrates, 150, 200, & 300 mm.

Quality is ensured for all patterns. No residual coating remains in etched areas as small as 2 microns. The Plastic substrates are also patterned but to a lesser Resolution, 10µm features. Numerous display panels and IC masks are products requiring this high-quality patterning.

2. Patterned Products:
Fullchance has routinely fabricated multilayered products with Thin films as below:

a. Capacitive Touch Displays I.T.O./I.M.I.T.O.™/Dielectric & Metal.
b. MEM – Display Metal/Oxide/Metal
c. OLED – Display I.T.O./Metal/Dielectric
d. Solar (Organic) I.T.O./Metal
e. Solar (SIG) Mo/I.T.O./Dielectric
f. Heater for (I-R region) NiCr/Al:Cu & Ag:Au
g. Black Mask Black Cr/Black Resist.
h. Other Products for Research & Development.  
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