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Customer design process
It takes only 4 steps to turn your design in paper to a real heater in hand:

1.Your Design 2.Your Prototype 3. Produce and Test Delivered to You

Your unique heating solution can be designed as a prototype shipped to you for approval.  We can go with your own design, and we'd be happy that you tell us about your desired thermal requirement & management, then leave the rest to our flexible heating professionals for an ideal solution:

• General  application description*

• Material to be heated:  ( Please be specific. e.g. steel, brass, water, fuel, oil, plastic, air, nitrogen)

• Weight of the material

• Supply Voltage*

• Ideal Wattage*

• Starting process/ambient temperature

• Final/operating temperature desired

• Heating up speed/ time allowed

• Heater Dimensions*

• Power Leads exit  locations

• Integrated Components & Accessories (temp. controller, PT100, silicone sponge, etc. )*

• Mounting method

• Other Requirements

• Order Quantity *

"*" indicates the most important  information for an exact quotation of your project.
Please try to give us as many details as you can. More info is available at Custom Heating Solutions.
You are welcome to consult us if in case of doubt.

Contact us today to start the design process.

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