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Mica Heating Pad

Fullchance Designs Mica Heating Pad , 240V Mica Gas Heaters Easy Operation

MATERIAL: Synthetic Mica RIBBON: Kabthal Ribbon
VOLTAGE: 240V LIFE: ≥4years

Mica Heater Element Assembly surface heater High performance UL


Fullchance designs & Builds excellent mica heaters for all application, especially for lab equipment, medcial equipment and all kinds of surface heating applications. A custom mica surface heater for heat press equipment that replaced the heating element on the existing product line.


About Mica Heaters
Mica Thermofoil heaters consist of an etched-foil element sandwiched between layers of mica. Installed by clamping to heat sinks, mica heaters provide

the ultimate temperature and wattage capability for fast warm up.


Performance capacity:

1 Can be factory formed to curves

2 Can be integrated with

3 Clamp directly to heat sink for exceptional heat transfer

4 Suitable for vacuum use after organic binder is burned off in initial power-up



  • Rapid heat up, cool down
  • Even heat spread
  • Rugged Construction



Typical Applications:

  1. Medical diagnostic instruments: Heat sample trays, curettes, reagent bottles, etc.
  2. Warm satellite components
  3. Protect aircraft electronic and mechanical devices against cold at high altitudes
  4. Stabilize optoelectronic components
  5. Test or simulate integrated circuits
  6. Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as card readers or LCDs
  7. Maintain constant temperature in analytic test equipment

 Tutco Designs Mica Heating Pad , 240V Mica Gas Heaters Easy Operation

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