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Polyimide Insulated Flexible Heaters

Kapton® Insulated Flexible Heaters are offered in a virtually unlimited range of shapes, sizes and wattage's. Their thin design (0.005" thick), allows close thermal contact with the heat sink for maximum heating efficiency, and also permits close adaptation to the contours of your part. They can be coiled, twisted, accordion folded, bent around corners, or simply pre-formed to fit the contours of any part.
They are lightweight, transparent, tough, and ideal for extremely precise applications in satellites, spacecraft and portable instruments. Their flat etched foil elements cover more area and transfer heat more efficiently than wire wound designs. This allows faster warm-ups and quicker response; and since the elements run cooler, longer life as well. They also operate safely at much higher wattage's than wire wound units.
Evenly spaced heating elements do not always provide uniform temperatures across a given area, so the elements can be patterned to provide greater heat in areas where the configuration of the component tends to prevent uniform heating. Similarly, elements can be spaced or arranged to produce less heat in the areas where that may be desirable. 
The Kapton® insulation is dimensionally stable, self-extinguishing, and highly resistant to oils, chemicals, fungus, solvents and radiation. It is easy to clean and sterilize in medical uses, and produces minimal outgassing in high vacuum environments. It is ideal for service in harsh environments.
KAPTON® HEATERS offer precise heating, 
minimum weight and excellent durability.
These heaters can be installed with a wide variety of adhesives and fasteners. We can also factory-mount them to mating parts. Thermostats and other sensors may be integrated into the design for accurate control and temperature tracking. 

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