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5 Advantages of silicone rubber heaters
Using silicone rubber for the production of heater mats is ideal because it possesses a low thermal mass, with superb insulation properties and robust construction.  Offering fast response to temperature control and allowing high power densities, it has distinct advantages over other forms of heating. 
Silicone rubber’s wide temperature tolerance from -60 degrees centigrade to 230 degrees centigrade makes it a very versatile product and where precise and intimate heating solutions are required, silicone is often the best solution. 
Looking at the reasons why silicone is the best choice, here are our top 5 advantages of silicone rubber heaters: 
Low thermal mass: 
Silicone rubber is ideal for the production of heaters; it has a low thermal mass allowing for quick and efficient thermal transfer and reducing the possibility of the element self heating. 
Fast response to temperature control: 
Because our silicone heaters are thin and light, they have a low thermal mass which allows heating and cooling quickly. The internal element of the heaters responds immediately to control and the low silicone mass has an equally fast response to temperature change making silicone heaters ideal for applications that require precise and consistent heating.
Temperature tolerance and environmental tolerance:
Silicone rubber’s high tolerance to a wide range of temperatures while remaining flexible gives it advantages over other flexible heaters. A tolerance ranging from -60c to 230c makes it ideal for a huge variety of applications. 
Silicone rubber is also far superior to organic rubbers because organic rubber has a carbon to carbon backbone which leaves it susceptible to ozone, UV, heat and other ageing factors, silicone rubber can withstand these well, which is why it is such a strong choice especially in extreme environments. 
It is a precise heating solution: 
Because of silicone’s responsive performance qualities it is a very effective and precise heating solution. This can be of use in a multitude of applications and industries including but not limited to: medical, automotive, GRP repairs, catering, renewable energy, 
Fullchancesilicone heaters can be manufactured in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our wire wound technology has allowed us to manufacture elements up to 5 metres in length and we have produced over half a million different heater designs since 2013. No matter how complex your shape it’s likely we can produce something to suit your needs. 
Fullchance are very much like silicone flexible heaters in that we are fast, flexible and forward thinking. If you are looking to find out more about our products or are interested in a quote for a bespoke project, please do get in contact, we’d love to hear from you!
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